City Meetings & Other Resources added to Government Access Page

If you haven’t stopped by the government access page recently take another look. We’ve started posting the recent meetings there for viewing at any time. The meetings will stay online longer then you can catch them over the air, so if you miss a meeting on your television you can always come back here and catch it. If you’re not sure which meeting you’re looking for you can find meetings agendas and minutes linked on the right side of the page.

BCA Wins 3 Awards at Alliance for Community Media 2010 Video Festival

ACMNE-2010 Video FestestivalBCA staff has just returned from Concord, New Hampshire where they were honored with 3 awards for excellence in production. Winning pieces included 1 North Main which won (tied for) first place in News Magazine format programming, Intern - Marc Bloom's Alliance For Community Media PSA which won first place under the Access Advocacy category, & Cape Verdean Festival which won 3rd place under the Diversity Empowerment category.  Congratulations go out to all those involved.  BCA brought along a camera and captured some of the event.  Have a look at some of the highlights.

Welcome to 2015 & Welcome to the Brockton Channels!

Welcome to the Brockton Community Access Website! While our old page served us well for many years we hope that this new website will allow us further room to grow. In an increasingly digital world we felt it was important that our home on the web be a place where we promote community media and community involvement. To help encourage use of the new BCA website, we’ve made the content available at a new address in addition to our current location. The BCA website can also now be accessed at: So what's down the road? Our hope is that members of the Brockton community will use this site as a hub allowing people a place to make connections, share ideas, and show what Brockton is really all about. So stay tuned, because while this web page might look a little bare now, you're the webmasters and we've tried to build a home that will support a lot of growth. Thanks for visiting and we hope to see you soon!